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Tearing/Watery eyes

Tears are necessary to keep eyes lubricated and to ensure dirt, dust and other debris stays out. But sometimes, tear production can increase to unnecessary or even uncomfortable levels. Paired with poor tear drainage, sufferers can wind up with irritated eyes and a consistent appearance of dripping or tearing. While not dangerous, it can be irritating or drying.


Causes of Tearing & Watery Eyes

Though causes can vary, most cases of tearing or watery eyes are caused by irritation or inflammation on the eye’s surface. This can be related to a number of issues including problems with your eyelashes, eyelids or the eye itself. Issues can also stem from allergies or, even, excessive dryness. To fight back against allergies or dryness tear production often kicks into overdrive, causing tearing and watery eyes.

Another common cause of tearing and watery eyes is a lack of sufficient tear drainage. All eyes have drainage channels that naturally drain tears and moisture. However, when the moisture or tear level exceeds normal amounts, or if drainage is insufficient to begin with, tears can overflow or create the appearance of excess fluid.

In some cases, tearing issues are temporary—irritation, for example, can cause short-term tearing issues. However, if you notice persistent tearing issues, get in touch. Long-term tearing can be the result of narrow or low-functioning drainage channels or “lax” eyelids that don’t enable eyes to drain properly.

Comprehensive Treatment for Excessive Tears

Typically, teary eyes can be treated quickly and easily, with limited medical intervention. Eye drops, warm compresses, and over-the-counter or prescription medications can help soothe eyes and curb excessive tear production.

In the case of tear drainage issues, surgical intervention may be needed—these treatments are minimally invasive and have very short recovery periods.

During your initial consultation, Dr. Linder will review your tearing and watery eyes and determine both the cause and the right next steps for your unique case. Based on his assessment, he’ll work with you to determine an effective, efficient course of treatment that gets to—and corrects—the root of the issues, improving your eye health and comfort.

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