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Brow Repair

A sagging brow can cause the eyelids to become droopy, and a brow lift may be a more appropriate procedure to undergo in some cases. A brow lift can be combined with a blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery at times to fully correct the symptoms caused by this condition.


Drooping brows can cause the eyes to appear droopy and can even cause a tired or angry expression.  If droopy brows is the cause of your symptoms, a brow repair may be performed.  In the last several years, several new techniques have been developed to elevate the brow. These techniques require smaller incisions, pose less risk of scarring and damage to sensory or motor nerves in the area, and typically have quicker recovery times. These techniques include an internal brow pexy using either a suture or other fixation device. A small incision lift is performed through mini surgical incisions in or near the hairline. The dissection is done, and the brow is elevated. 


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My surgery with Dr. Linder was a wonderful experience. My vision has improved very much. He and his staff are very friendly and compassionate. Thank You for everything!
Barbara H.